support / server status

Where can I find support and/or server status for I have googled around but did not find anything.

I was just in a meeting where everybody got thrown out, 5 participants. When trying to reconnect you could see the other people in the meeting but no video or audio. After some time, ca 5 mins, audio came back. Then after some more time video for awhile, then gone again. Just got off another meeting, one-one meeting, and we could both see ourselves but not the other person, audio was ok.

So I am assumng this is a server issue with, but it would be nice to have this confirmed - is there a “server status” page or similar? Or are you totally on your own when using


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Nobody that can tell me if such a page exists or not?

There is no such thing at the moment.

Ok, too bad but thanks for reply @damencho!