setup ? (version, config) (it works where self-hosted does not all the time)

Hi everybody,

First, thanks a lot for this great solution !

Yesterday, I add several meetings, done with Jitsi on a self hosted jitsi instance.
It has been build with jitsi-meet-2.0.4627, videobridge-2.1.202.
(no fancy config)
It worked for ~80% of the people.

Some of them had some fatal issue.
Most of them joined the meeting room and then, were kicked out after ~5-10 seconds.
Very problematic(the server was not overload)

Once was completely not able to join the room (Chrome on Mac). The issue seems to be identical to this one btw : ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE not loading Jitsi
For this last person, I just made a test on and he was able to connect like a charm !

So 2 questions:

  • is the latest build in stable channel is really fine ? What is recommended RIGHT NOW ?

  • what is using at a software level ? (version of jitsi, JVB…, specific configuration ?) As it work for my client, I would like to use the same version/config.

It is vital that we run a functional version for the next meeting Monday…

Any help would really be appreciated !


it is pretty much impossible to help unless you upload the logs.

upload /var/log/jitsi/jicofo.log



One possibility could be there was a firewall involved and port 10000 was blocked. manages coturn server allowing to work only with port 443 if port 10000 can’t be used (it’s worse from performance point of view, so port 10000/UDP is tried first)

Hi masteryoda,
Thank you for your answer.
Good point !
I will dig in the logs and try to find the issues (because they were many connections that went ok).
Regarding the config, jitsi self hosted was plain vanilla conf and attendees were both corporate and home users.
I was just thinking that if the jitsi config is as versatile as possible that would be fine.
Yesterday, we made a test with a home user who was completely blocked (Mac + Chrome).
And we moved from HTTP2 (default) to HTTP1.1. Then it was working fine.
Except performance could be lower, do you know if there some important draw-back to definitely move to HTTP1.1 ?
Thanks again for your help !

Hi gpatel-fr,
For many users, there was no firewall issue.
Many firefox users were having issue and it seems to be relative with http protocol.Last test suggest that http2 was the cause of disconnections and even full block. So we now turn to http1.1. But now we are a bit worried that would make completely obligatory the opening of port 1000/UDP…
Regarding the fall back implement, (port 443 if 1000 is not available) do you know how to implement that ?
Is HTTP2 required or can it be done with 1.1 as well (to be compatible with a maximum of people too)
Your help is much appreciated !

Are you using the stable or unstable branch?

we are using the stable branch. The only change from the installed configuration is the default is web instead of turn in the alpn_protocols map in 60-jitsi-meet.conf. As I understand it, this basically switches to http 1.1 and therefore losing video if UDP is blocked in the client’s network.

Sorry but you have lost me here.
If you want to accommodate every user in the world you have to use coturn and in this case, if you are not a network advanced expert you have better copy verbatim the sample configuration from the Jitsi guys since it’s advanced stuff and they are really knowledgeable.
OTOH If you are an advanced network expert you can fiddle with it and hope to make it work, but in this case you are beyond my help because I am only average in networking (I have yet to implement coturn).