Server Whitelisting

Good day

I am trying to whitelist online version so that students can use cheap datà rate when connecting. I want to know what server IP addresses I need to whitelist that are used by when broadcasting audio and video.


Unfortunately what you are asking is not compatible with this cloud thingy; servers are typically allocated on demand, then released when they are not needed. Typically in this kind of setup, IP addresses are allocated by the cloud operator, and the cloud user (in this case the Jitsi project) don’t even ‘know’ what are the IP addresses used - a videobridge is only connected to by users, who ‘learn’ the IP address from the central Jitsi server, said server having collected them from the bridges themselves when they connect to Jitsi-meet server after being created from the pool.
So it’s very unlikely that your wish will be fulfilled.

Reserved ip addresses pools is a feature of jaas. Meetings domains and IP's

Thank you for your kind responses.