Screen sharing issues

Earlier tonight (Jul 6th 6:30PM-8PM EDT) I organized a call to test Jitsi for my small group (10-15 users) sessions.

Multiple users had difficulty sharing their screen.

Sometimes, I succeeded after sharing the screen multiple times. Chromium 83.0.4103.116-1~deb10u2 on Debian Linux 10.4 (Buster).

After I left the conference and came back in, it started working reliably for me.

Another user on Windows with Firefox and/or Iridium shared his screen and instead of seeing his video or thumbnail, we saw a little blinking computer icon but not the screen.

It seemed that only one person could share their screen at a time. It wasn’t always clear to some of our non-technical users how to stop sharing their screen so others could share their screen. Is this a feature or a bug?

Are there any known issues with Chromium and screen sharing? Is there anything I should be trying when it doesn’t work?

Using the same browser and platform as in the above report, today’s 4 hour call went flawlessly in regards to screen sharing. Did a bug get fixed on the Jitsi site for the new chromium in Debian? Or was it a heisenbug?