: publics ip and ports

Hi everyone,
I use the web site and it’s working well.
But I want to configure my firewall (in a french high school) with the publics ip addresses of this web site and with the needed ports (TCP and UDP) used by the clients.
Where can I found this informations ?
I found this 2 ip addresses and
Are they the only one or there is more ?
Bertrand Friconneau

Nope, uses many ip addresses (hundreds) and they are dynamic, there is no way to whitelist those.
If you subscribe for services though these are static and you can whitelist them.

OK, thanks, and what about the clients ports ?

:man_shrugging: That is up to the browser and as I know, all those are random.

only the port 443/TCP is needed, but it’s also very useful to add the port 10000/UDP for performance.