: typing name is laggy


I was just comparing the normal vs the moderated version, and in the moderated version typing your name (before joining) is very laggy. It was noticed in both

  • Ubuntu 20.04.4 Firefox 105.0
  • Windows 10 Chrome

In the non moderated version everything seemed fined. Not sure if other areas are affected somehow

They are literally the same, except that one has an authentication token and the other doesn’t, but both frontend and backend are the same. Are you able to reproduce this reliably?

Yes. Just yesterday I saw it happen in 2 different machines, also in private/incognito mode. Just tried again now, same thing.

If you cannot replicate it, I recorded 2 firefox profile sesions, but don’t know how to share it with you (they’re .gz files)

I could reproduce this now, really weird!