mic does not work in multiple browsers in event on 19 Jan 2021

I organized an event on 19 January 2021 on After several months where issues with were almost non-existent, the past three events I’ve organized have seen trouble for several users.

This user tried Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Chrome Canary, Microsoft Edge and
Internet Explorer (latest update of each). Seeing video worked in each, but the microphone failed to work in each. The user saw saw the message “It sounds like your microphone is
working properly.” There was nothing to adjust in the microphone settings. We could not hear the user in any of the multiple attempts made with each browser.

Then she tried the app on her Android phone, but it crashed every time she tried to start Jitsi. So she tried it in Google Chrome on my phone and it was the same problem as the computer: the mic did not work.

This user has successfully connected to many conferences since May including three weeks ago on 29 Dec 2021. If I remember correctly there was a little trouble last Dec, but one of the browsers worked. This past Tuesday, the result was unfixable. They had to use chat to work around the audio issues.