maximum number

What is the maximum number of attendees that the open source server can afford?

75 per room

I this must be evident from the start. There are many doubts in my university and some companies indicating that the maximum “for the free version” is 20, to deny MJS, I guess. Is there such a difference, and a paid version?.

The maximum on is set at 75, but it should be noted that performance starts taking a hit after about 30-35.

There’s always the option of hosting your own server, which removes that limit. Alternatively, you can also consider the very affordable plan at 8x8, which saves you the hassles of runningand managing your own server. They currently have a promo for just 99 cents a month!!! You can’t beat that price - ever!

If paying the service, or installing in my own server, the video recording will be available directly, without needing that of Dropbox?.

Yeah, I belive 8x8 has their personal cloud storage. And the recordings will be on your own system if you send host