Lenovo Thinkpad laptop running Windows 10 (Firefox, Chrome, and Edge): unusable audio

As part of my Jul 6th 6:30PM-8PM EDT testing conference, a user Rich has reported the following issue:

I connected to the meeting Jitsi URL prior to the meeting using three different
browsers from my Lenovo Thinkpad laptop running Windows 10 (Chrome, Firefox,
and the latest Chrome-based version of Edge). In each case I was able to
successfully join by myself, with my Video and the audio microphone and speaker
testing OK – using a Plantronics USB headset. However, when I tried to connect
to the actual call already in progress with Chrome and Firefox from the same
laptop, video was OK but Audio was totally unusuable – there was a continuing
background pulsing noise and I could not hear anyone else. I also reduced the
video quality to low resolution and still the audio was unusable. I then
connected using Chrome from a desktop machine (with more RAM and faster CPU)
also using Windows 10, and with same Plantronics headset. Initially I got a
similar audio problem but after you muted yourself and then unmuted yourself I
could start hearing folks (but audio quality not great). Again, I tried to
lower video quality but that did not improve the audio. I clicked on one of
icons that appeared to indicate that Internet was having problem in terms of
dropped packets, but I generally have very good Internet and do not have video
or audio problems when using Zoom.

Any suggestions as to how I can help Rich connect to my Jitsi calls?

Do we need more information to debug further?

Did you get any help? I am experiencing similar issue with Lenovo laptop and jitsi meetings. Even when deactivating video feature.
No worries when attending Skype meetings with the same network connexion…


Yes, performance for that user significantly improved.

If you are still having trouble try different browsers to see if the problem is specific to just one browser. Post a report with the exact version of the browser and the system. The team has been very good at tracing issues that are documented and tested well enough to allow them to reproduce it.

Thanks for your quick reply.

A bit of accurate informations:

Laptop : Lenovo MT 81W2 Ideapad 3
System Microsoft Windows 10 Family 10.0.19041 Build 19041

Microphone issue with following browser for Jitsi meetings:
Chrome 89.0.4389.82
Microsoft Edge 89.0.774.45
Opera 74.0.3911.203

Working better with firefox
Firefox 86.0

Thanks to all the community for your help.




Is it only the audio that is unusable? Is the video OK?

With Firefox is it useable or just less unusable?

Can you describe the trouble more specifically?