My colleagues and I recently switched to (e2ee) for our staff calls. We all use Chromse browser for the call.

One colleague regularly has a problem: As she tries to enter the call Chrome hangs on the screen with the dark grey bar with the message that says something like: click OK if your browser asks for permission to use the mic and camera.

She has already given permission for that in the past (which is remembered), so the browser never asks for the permission to use Mic and camera, but the browser also does not move past that screen. We tried reloading the page (no success), restarting Chrome (no success).

We have re-installed Chrome, but it still does not work sometimes (other times it wors fine).

Any ideas what can cause this (or how we can solve it)?


not too smart ideas I’m afraid but maybe you could try to delete the local storage. I have seen messages about that. I have no idea if local storage is automatically deleted when reinstalling the thing so I’m not sure if it is relevant.
Another idea: use the Electron app. It could be a slightly different Chromium engine version so it may work better.
Hope this helps (no great hope unfortunately)


We will try that.