downtime today?

Hi, a school I work for is reporting me that some of their students had problems (slow connections to the room, blank pages, cameras/audio not being enabled, bw indicator in red). Was there a downtime or load problems at The room is integrated using the Javascript API, and it had worked fine before.

@Equinoxe what are the regions those participants are joining from and approximate time frame(in hours)? We will take a look and evaluate the situation, there were few minor issues, but nothing major. We are seeing a higher load though the last few days, which may be causing some issues and we will work on meeting the demand.

Thank you for reporting this.

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Thanks for the reply,

They’re joining from Mexico, specifically from the gulf coast, and my guess is that most users are connected using Telmex (the biggest ISP here). The problems were reported from 8 CST to 12 CST.

Some users were reporting that if they joined the room directly using the name, and not the page which calls the API, they had no, or at least they had less, problems.

Well, this means that there are problems on the server serving the API, not only on

I’m loading this:

is it valid? or do I need to place the file somewhere else? (maybe a S3 bucket to help not to be too loaded?)