does not go beyond 'Jitsi meet needs to use your microphone and camera' page

I am trying this service for the first time and it promises to fulfill everything that i need but only if it starts.
I go to and hit ‘go’ to start a VC. Chrome asks for permission to allow camera and microphone. Allowed. The screen still says ‘Jitsi meet needs to use your microphone and camera’. Even after allowing the permissions and I can see in top right corner there’s a camcorder button which means permissions are on, nothing happens on screen.

Please help. Need to use this urgently. Hate that Hangout on Air is no more. Need this one to work.

Hi and welcome!
What browser and version do you use? Which OS?

Google Chrome - Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS - WIndows

Please help.

The only option for us to be able to investigate further is to ask you about uploading your JavaScript console logs from the browser from a problem session.
Also does work for you?

Here’s the log. also just gives a black screen once i allow the permissions. Pls help.

(TIME) index.html loaded: 1432.4399999999855
external_connect.js?v=1:65 (TIME) Sending external connect XHR: 1460.945000000038
Logger.js:151 [modules/browser/BrowserCapabilities.js] : This appears to be chrome, ver: 77.0
external_connect.js?v=1:40 (TIME) external connect XHR done: 2578.3650000000193
Logger.js:151 [index.web] <HTMLDocument.>: (TIME) document ready: 2756.740000000036
Logger.js:151 [features/base/storage] <Object.getPersistedState>: redux state rehydrated as Object
Logger.js:151 [modules/UI/videolayout/VideoLayout.js] <Object.changeUserAvatar>: Missed avatar update - no small video yet for undefined
o @ Logger.js:151
Logger.js:151 [features/base/media] Start muted:
Logger.js:151 [features/base/media] Start audio only set to false
Logger.js:151 [modules/UI/videolayout/SmallVideo.js] <g.w.updateView>: Unable to init avatar - no id g
o @ Logger.js:151
Logger.js:151 [modules/UI/videolayout/SmallVideo.js] <g.w.updateView>: Unable to init avatar - no id g
o @ Logger.js:151
Logger.js:151 [modules/RTC/RTCUtils.js] Audio output device set to default
Logger.js:151 [features/invite] Using deprecated API for retrieving phone numbers
o @ Logger.js:151
Logger.js:151 [features/base/storage] <Object.persistState>: redux state persisted. 1a164b7021386d570acb968d24cad524 -> 7574206be0c6b1aefdae83f25feda423
Logger.js:151 [modules/xmpp/xmpp.js] <t.value>: P2P STUN servers: Array(3)
Logger.js:151 [modules/xmpp/xmpp.js] <t.value>: (TIME) Strophe Attaching :5681.725000000029
Logger.js:151 [modules/xmpp/xmpp.js] <t.value>: (TIME) Strophe attached: 5682.71500000003
Logger.js:151 [modules/xmpp/xmpp.js] <t.value>: My Jabber ID:
Logger.js:151 [modules/RTC/RTCUtils.js] <t.value>: Using the new gUM flow
Logger.js:151 [modules/RTC/RTCUtils.js] <t.>: Got media constraints: Object
Logger.js:151 [modules/xmpp/] <s.value>: XMPP pings will be sent every 10000 ms
Logger.js:151 [modules/UI/videolayout/SmallVideo.js] <g.w.updateView>: Unable to init avatar - no id g
o @ Logger.js:151

Nothing suspicious in the logs. And if is failing the same way it can be a problem with the camera or drivers or chrome itself and there is nothing we can do about it.

I have read several threads of same issue other users are facing who are using windows 8.1+ chrome. Is that a known issue? must we all upgrade to windows 10??

Any solutions for this prob?

Same issue here (Win10/home 1909-build18363.720, Chrome 80.0.3987.149). After joining a room, no progress beyond “Select allow …”

But technically it works (shortly) with the same Laptop and Firefox (Problems: off topic).
Rebooting does not fix the issue with Chrome.

Same issue here any solution ??