dialin seems broken, connects to arbitrary rooms

When using the dialin feature, there are several issues:

  • most importantly, I get connected to arbitrary rooms, but not the one I intent to connect to.
  • I noticed that when reloading the Jitsi Meet… page, for some rooms I get alternating pins, while with other rooms the pin is always the same.

This may even have security implications, I don’t expect that those people whose room I enter are expecting strangers to suddenly jump into their conversation.

I tried this with on a desktop browser, and with the android app.

for dialin, I tried the dutch ( + and US (+1 512-647-1431) dialin numbers.


Yes, we got the reports today about it and we are looking for the problem.

It seems to be solved now. thanks.

Yep, we are still working on a fix, but yeah it may be already resolved for your conference.