conference on Dec 26th: Quality was Excellent, but Three glitches were experienced

I organized a event on Sat Dec 26th. Overall the call quality was excellent. We had multiple participants share their screen and that went flawlessly. Excellent work and many kudos to the team for getting the quality so high.

My users experienced these issues on the 26th:

One user who ordinarily has no trouble connecting (they are computer proficient) ended up waylaid in a conference by themself. By resetting the connection, there were able to join (after some consternation). They got the event link from and no one else reported that issue. I assume it was a glitch in the bridge. But it should never happen.

A user who had some local noise and so stayed muted most of the time, tried to unmute about 4 hours into the call. They had unmuted at least a half dozen times previously with no issue. But they were unable to get their mic working at the end of the call 4 hours in. The problem was resolved by my suggestion that they reset their connection. When they came back in, the mic was working again. This is a pattern that has happened before to some of my users.

One user has had slightly muffled audio every month for the past 2 or 3 months. It hasn’t been bad enough that I press them to give me details on their browser and OS version (it is a Mac). I suspect it is a browser compatibility issue with jitsi, but it could be bad audio hardware. I continue to have one user per session with imperfect audio. I suspect these are generally browser compatibility issues with Jitsi. I know that the way to fix them is to get the browser version, OS version, and reports from testing with multiple browsers. But I haven’t had the wherewithal to get the necessary information from these users. I’m posting to encourage others to help us chase down these few remaining browser issues. The developer team has responded with extraordinary results from my previous trouble reports. We just need to educate more community members to submit high quality reports so that none of us is burdened with too much work gathering high quality trouble reports.