bugs and missing feature

When I found a few months ago, it seemed to work fine and I was really excited about it. Just used it recently and it seems to have a lot of bugs. It kept saying something went wrong and kicking people out of the meeting including myself. I have decent wi-fi. Also, chats would not show up. The security password would disappear every time I got kicked out. Also, when screen sharing I expected to still be able to see participants on the side but this was not the case. In fact, no one could see my screen sharing. Problems happen both on mac desktop, and chromebook. Using the latest Chrome browser. Is this just the way it is or am I doing something wrong? ThanksScreen Shot 2020-08-18 at 4.09.15 PM

I just tried with Chromium 84.0.4147.105 and could not reproduce any of the issues (bar the password lost since I’m not kicked out). Maybe try the Electron app ?