24 Aug Testing Session: Unmute failures on iPad running iOS 13.6.1 using Safari

A user during the 24 Aug Testing session had audio working early in the call. I believe they muted themselves. Then when then they tried to unmute much later in the call, they were inaudible to other participants. The user got frustrated trying to unmute. We recommended that they leave and rejoin. It is unclear from their report if clicking leave finally unmuted them and so they did not leave or if the leave/rejoin trick fixed their problem. They were able to speak for the rest of the event. Audio quality was very good, when it was working.

The user reported that the microphone icon became lighter indicating unmute when they toggled it. But they could not be heard.

We are unsure what triggered the loss of audio. I suspect they were muted for a long time (45 minutes maybe) and the microphone didn’t “wake up” properly. But it could have been the video sharing reported in another thread may have triggered the problem.

This user faced the identical problem during an event I organized on August 8, 2020. After each long period of muting, the unmuting process was trial-and-error and painful. The Aug 8th session lasted more than 3 hours and they were muted for long periods of time. The Aug 24th session only lasted 2 hours but they may have been muted for more than a half-hour before they tried to unmute.

I initially felt that it might be performance related. However, after audio started working again, we had them briefly turn their video on (normally this user prefers to keep video off). The quality of the audio and the video from that brief test suggests that the unmute function is failing and that there is no performance issue. Moreover, they report that the darkening/lightening of the mute/unmute toggle is visible: implying that performance is OK. But they were inaudible.

Overall the 24 Aug testing session was a success: many participants reported that Jitsi quality was much improved. However, we’re focused on finding issues with Jitsi and so we taxed the system and tried to notice and report everything that was anomalous.


I can add that a group of my users faced the same problem today at Their teacher muted all the participants, then asked some students to unmute themselves after the lecture was over, but they couldn’t. My guess is that they didn’t closed the browser’s window and reentered the situation. Some kind of timeout?