at third particiapnt join audio video blocked

Why audio video sudden disappeared when third participant join on . 1000 and 443 port opened from firewall.

Are you talking about or self hosted deployment? and we also tried . Recommended ports 10000UDP 443,80 TCP and 5443 TCP allowed on firewall. Chat is working fine. Once 2 Participant connects audio video works pefectly but as soon as third participant entered audio video goes disappeared for all.
Tried to capture network traffic on firewall and proxy but found nothing. Can you please guide what ports or url we need to whitelist from proxy end or firewall to make this happen.
and we also captured something on wireshark but not able to figure out whats blocking to run it smoothly. is our proxy server ip.

I see you are using an ‘advanced’ firewall, did you disable deep packet inspection for UDP/10000 ? It’s used for DTLS so trying to mess inside packets will probably break it.