Meet - camera solution 640 x 480 instead of 1280 x 720?

It’s not very complicated to set up your own server, @maedegroot
I can assist you is you need help.
I’m from the Netherlands (i assume you too)
Ludo Arts

Thanks, that’s kind of you, although we’re not sure we need one and presumably I will need to pay for hosting charges to host on a remote server. It’s not actually for me, I’m just trouble shooting any technical issues we’re noticing with Jitsi and this is one of them that we just couldn’t figure out at all. Thanks for the very kind offer, I may come back to you in the future though, I will ask my client. Cheers, M

Meanwhile you can take a look at these other public instances of jitsi and there are quite a few in Netherlands

You can try any of these & see if you have the same problem

Choose the one with the Green Check Marks

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Very good !
I was just looking around the forum and saw this solution… i have no idea where you found the aspectRatio variable, but works ! Thanks =D