Maximum number of participants on a meeting on server


Regarding OCTO, @emrahis right about it not being specific to AWS. However, the Jitsi team uses it so many discussions will reference AWS.

There is a pretty good thread, including a Jitsi developer, about OCTO, shards, Route53, and HAProxy.

I just reread it and think it will help:

Hi @emrah
Thank you very much for quick reply. I’ve noticed a section like below in jitsi config.js. For that we can give , that in which JVB the user must connect to.
We can override that feature to identify the user and region. That means as the nearest JVB.

   deploymentInfo: {
        environment: 'meet-jit-si',
        envType: 'prod',
        releaseNumber: '782',
        shard: 'meet-jit-si-eu-central-1a-s60',
        region: 'eu-central-1',
        userRegion: 'eu-central-1',
        crossRegion: (!'eu-central-1' || 'eu-central-1' === 'eu-central-1') ? 0 : 1
  testing: {
        capScreenshareBitrate: 1,
        octo: {
            probability: 1

25 users per room
rooms 20 X 25 users
What settings are needed for a total of 500 users?
8-core 16-thread 32ram 512SSD 1 server

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I am looking for help setting up Jitsi for 100 or more participants and I see that you have succeeded. I would like to be able to do it with your help.

Thank you.

Hi Srinivas

I needed help in setting up the similar server with rocket chat. Can you guide me

I am having quite a bit of performance issues and struggling

Can you guide On the steps for the complete jitsi installation


Can you be a little more descriptive?

How can I set a limit for the number of people in a meeting with docker?


Would these hard and soft limitations on the maximum number of participants still apply if I was hosting the 70 people across different meetings? Would it also be realistic to be able to host 70 people in two different meetings at the same time or would I essentially need double the server resources?

This may help:

See this reply:

Hi @damencho,

Are there any changes have been made in the limit of people in Jitsi after March 19th?
If yes what is the new limit?
Is there any solution to accommodate a minimum of 200 people in a room?

Any reply will be appreciated.


No change in

You can self-host and accommodate many bridges with OCTO to host such a conference and still the experience is not guaranteed.

hey, Damencho thank you very much for your answers, now I have my environment auto-scalable on AWS and it will add bridges as necessary, then the scaling is more determined to what the UI can handle?

Hi @migo

your jitsi installation was regular or docker-jitsi-meet instance ?

Hi @tusharsonawane, our deployment is bare metal. We have one signaling node and 13 JVBs. We are peaking about 2k users online in system.

Yes that’s great. But how have you installed jitsi ?

Debian 10 install on servers…

hmm. okaye :slight_smile:

and how did you setup octo ? any guide ?

and for the 13 jvb’s, you choose different machines right ?

here you can find good information:

yes, 14 servers.

Hi Awesome @migo,

It is interesting you have achieved 1900 participant with 13 JVB. It means each of your JVB could accommodate at least 146 users at once.

May we know any tweak parameter you have done in *-Config.js and interface_config.js
( maybe like ie : *channelLastN: 4, startVideoMuted: 4 , startAudioMuted: 4 and startWithVideoMuted: true , DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND: true, DISABLE_DOMINANT_SPEAKER_INDICATOR: true , DISABLE_FOCUS_INDICATOR: true, DISABLE_JOIN_LEAVE_NOTIFICATIONS: true, * etc) ?

Are you using JVB from Jitsi docker? Do you use OCTO in your setup?

Thanks bro,

Hi @Janto, here are some usage graphs from one of our JVBs:

Sometimes we had 200+ participants on bridge, but mostly receive_only_endpoints, so not video/audio streaming as you can see from above graphs…

For last-n parameters I use exact settings from (I’m using that config and adopt only few necessary changes), we always start video/audio muted and apply all tweaks you mentioned for interface_config.js to decrease stress on clients PCs.



Octo is setup for region based split bridge strategy, and all servers are bare metal Debian installs.

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