Maximum number of participants on a meeting on server

Hi @blivingston, it sounds familiar to me :slight_smile: I think your connection to control channel of JVB is not working! Run developer console in browser and look at errors there.


Hello @damencho,

I am looking to achieve 100 participants per conference and 50 such conferences ongoing simultaneously.

I have thought of two options:

  1. Four 8 vCPU VMs (1 for JMS/JVB2, 3 for JVB2)

  2. Dual CPU 16 Core Dedicated Server for JMS/JVB2

Please, suggest me which option is better or suggest any other setup for my needs.

I would also like to know whether Scalability ( installation is different than Octo setup.


All the best for your event, and do come back with your feedback.

Hi Sourav.

Have you been successful with this setup?


Next week, I am planning to make webinar to almost 150 people from this link :

Is is possible to make it for this number of people or not yet?
I dont have any youtube channel to make a livestream.

Thanks for your answer.

Currently you can use up to 75 participants on

So to be clarify the max-participants questions:

  • It heavily depends on the server setup (including usage of octo, hardware and client/interface config)
  • It heavily depends on how the users particiapte: ie some speakers and many muted+cam-off users vs everyone streams cam+audio
  • There’s a limit 75 on
  • Theres no hard limit on self hosted setups

@damencho: Pls correct me if I’m wrong


below are my setup,

a) jvb2 + octo
b) 1 x jicofo on AWS EC2 c5n.9xlarge (vCPU: 36, Memory: 96GB, network: 50Gbps)
b) 5 x bridge server on AWS EC2 c5n.9xlarge (vCPU: 36, Memory: 96GB, network: 50Gbps)
c) simulcast: ON, ChannelLastN: 10, disableAudioLevels: True, DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND: true, enableLayerSuspension: true

The octo is working perfectly and distributed participants evenly across 5 bridge servers. however, when more than 230 participants come into single conference then it become unstable. some participants will be kicked out, and some can’t hear/see screen sharing. based on my observation the bottleneck is not at server backend, but the front-end browser cannot cope with the streams forwarding.

seem like the breakpoint is between 230 ~ 240 participants / conference. 1 more observation, when there is more than 4 participants with video ON or screen sharing then CPU fan will spin like crazy.


Interesting. Thanks for the report @wiserly
One question. When you say your setup can handle up to 230 participants, is that with everyone having their mic and camera on?

nope. 90% of the participants were muted (mic & video).


Thanks. I figured as much.
I wonder what’s the realistic maximum anyone has achieved with mic and cam on for everyone?

Hi @wiserly, are you using octo setup with split_bridge strategy? What video resolution are you using, HD 720?

Thank you,


Hi @Peter_Villeneuve, this is more WebRTC limitation than Jitsi SW thing. Based on my experience is 25-30 video+audio participants maximum in one room, with performance tweak applied to lower stress on clients computers.


i configured as SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy. 320p for video

@wiserly, thank you. Do you know what was reported system load on JVBs during this 230 participants conference? Was logging on JVBs disabled?


average CPU: 3%, memory usage: 6%. jitter: <30ms, RTT <100ms

i am quite certain the bottleneck is at the end-point.

Yes I know, I agree with you. Had you increased max. thread number in nginx config? 768 is not enough for such a large participants number. Maximum video streams handled by one JVB was over 6k on our system.

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yes, i have max up the backend config. Definitely backend can host more participants with current specs

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Hi Awesome @migo,

Interesting you have 6000 stream in a single JVB. May we know what machine specification for Jitsi meet, JVB2 quantity and its machine specification you have done? We also love to know what tweak you have done in Config.js and interface_config.js, other than:

set resolution: 480 , ideal: 480, max: 480 , disableH264: true, channelLastN: 4, startVideoMuted: 4 , startAudioMuted: 4 and startWithVideoMuted: true …etc :slight_smile:

We might need to add this tweak too, May we know how and where should we tune this in Nginx? (super newbie).

Do you use Autoscale such Serverless or Kubernetes or else for JVB?

How you scaling up Jibri’s ?

Thank you

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Awesome! Thank you! :+1: