Maximum number of participants on a meeting on server

Hi @migo

your jitsi installation was regular or docker-jitsi-meet instance ?

Hi @tusharsonawane, our deployment is bare metal. We have one signaling node and 13 JVBs. We are peaking about 2k users online in system.

Yes that’s great. But how have you installed jitsi ?

Debian 10 install on servers…

hmm. okaye :slight_smile:

and how did you setup octo ? any guide ?

and for the 13 jvb’s, you choose different machines right ?

here you can find good information:

yes, 14 servers.

Hi Awesome @migo,

It is interesting you have achieved 1900 participant with 13 JVB. It means each of your JVB could accommodate at least 146 users at once.

May we know any tweak parameter you have done in *-Config.js and interface_config.js
( maybe like ie : *channelLastN: 4, startVideoMuted: 4 , startAudioMuted: 4 and startWithVideoMuted: true , DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND: true, DISABLE_DOMINANT_SPEAKER_INDICATOR: true , DISABLE_FOCUS_INDICATOR: true, DISABLE_JOIN_LEAVE_NOTIFICATIONS: true, * etc) ?

Are you using JVB from Jitsi docker? Do you use OCTO in your setup?

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Hi @Janto, here are some usage graphs from one of our JVBs:

Sometimes we had 200+ participants on bridge, but mostly receive_only_endpoints, so not video/audio streaming as you can see from above graphs…

For last-n parameters I use exact settings from (I’m using that config and adopt only few necessary changes), we always start video/audio muted and apply all tweaks you mentioned for interface_config.js to decrease stress on clients PCs.



Octo is setup for region based split bridge strategy, and all servers are bare metal Debian installs.

Hi @migo,
I see, so your case it is mostly one to many conference. got it. Do you deploy a pool (more than one) Jibri for recording too?

It is a gorgeous monitoring stat you have. May we have your grafana/prometheus script we can apply :slight_smile: . Awesome

Thank you, Bro.

Yes, pool of 10 jibri VMs on KVM.

This is from munin, I found somewhere basic plugin and updated/adopted it for my needs…


Hi @Damencho. You said that if there are more than 35 people in a conference, the experience probably won’t be good. However, I don’t need video in my conference, so I would only use audio. In that case, do you think it would apply that “more than 35 people” problem, or could I work with the limit of 75 people?

Welcome to the forum, @NicolasChernavsky!

If you’re not using video, you should be fine.

Well many things had changed since March, so the numbers mentioned there should be now different. There were number of performance improvements on the client side and on the server side and we continue with improvements.
For example on we now run with channel lastN so you will not get more than 20 videos … and I would say that 75 in a conference should be perfectly fine.

Check my testing here, I see the door to the room 1000 users now :slight_smile:

Sir, i Setup jvb autoscale in azure when adding new machines some participants audio video stopped, Please find the attached autoscaled jvb logs. And guide jvb.log (2.8 MB) me. how to resolve this issue.

Hi everyone!
I have a self-hosting jitsi (version 2.0.5076-1), and I want to know if is it possible to do a videoconference with 200 participants without video and audio. What hardware requirements should it have?

If we wanted to do videoconference with audio and video, what options do we have?
I read that adding bridges can increase limits, is there any instructions to do that?

Thank you

Hi, i think this guide will help you:

From my experience 2 JVBs (8CPU,8G RAM) with Octo setup will do 200 receive participants with ease. One caution here, all participants need powerful clients PC, today I’ve to solve problem that one participant was kicked out of 115 participants conference after few seconds in. Cause was his 100% CPU load and weak 2core-U celeron. :frowning: Nothing we can do about this.

Thanks I’ll try

Hola @rogerpujol,

We’ve been able to support more than 300 simulated participants with jitsi-meet-torture and we’ve hosted 2 events, one with 204 and another one with more than 150 for Barcelona city council.

You can host 200 with 2x8cpu jvb, but we’d suggest having always +1.

PS: there’s some settings that can help you spread load better than default octo settings.

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PS: Ui might be tweaked to decrease participant’s load.