Maximum grid layout, can it be adjusted?

We have experienced a new issue… Our company is growing (fast) and we have reached the maximum capacity of 5 x 5 on our weekly community meeting. The performance is great even if almost everyone has their camera running. Jitsi is an amazing project!

Is there a way to increase the maximum grid layout? I did not see that in any config…

Also, I would like to suggest that a feature be added that people with their camera muted be moved at the end of the grid… It is useless to see a black square in the top of the grid and not see someone who has his/her camera running because it is out of bounds.

@emrah You can’t change it to a number beyond 5 here though. This is pretty much hard-coded into the UI.

How do I dehardcodify the UI?

I have seen some people making the grid look like dancing circles… there must be a way to add a column?

You have to redesign or build your own UI. That’s what people do when they just use lib-jitsi-meet; they build their own interface on top of it.

Well according to my skills and resume, our company will be stuck with a 5x5 grid! :laughing:

→ Suggestion 1, add options for more columns

→ Suggestion 2, if your cam is off, you fall at the end of the grid so that we mostly see all people with video feed in a full grid that overflows the page

Good night!

This is surely not the right place for feature requests!