Maximum amout of videobridges


a client has the requirement of a system for 1000 users. Is it a good idea to connect multiple videobridges?
I am familiar with that and my idea was to set up 10 videobridges on 10 servers, so one videobridge each. The Server has 10 cpu cores and 60 gb of ram each.

Thanks for your feedback.

Greets, Timo

Sounds as nor al use case for the bridges,

So you think it is realistic to handle about a thousand users with this rig?

Thank you!

Yep. You need no more than 8GB Ram (4GB in fact, but to be on the safe side) for a bridge.

I pay 26$ for 10 cores and 60Gb/ram. I dont find a cheaper offer for 10 cores anywhere, so I just take the Ram like it is haha. Or do you know a cheaper one?

No idea for that, sorry.