Max concurrent conferences on

I’m wondering what a reasonable number of concurrent conferences to run on would be. I understand it’s a free resource, and want to be a good community member.

Let’s say each conference is limited to 5-10 concurrent users (so no concerns about hitting the 35/75 user hard/soft cap). Could I run a few hundred simultaneous conferences several times per week? Let’s say a few thousand total users spread over the different conferences. We’re an educational non-profit that runs frequent events and a large number of meeting rooms, each room lasting a couple hours.

I’m sure the infrastructure auto-scales, so I’m not really concerned about performance, I’m more asking whether our usage would be considered unreasonable.

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To my knowledge 8x8 is the commercial entity paying for the infrastructure. Perhaps ask them directly ? Perhaps paying for a few moderator accounts on their commercial service would make more sense ?