Max amount of people in a video confrence?

Hi @damencho jut to clarify, we have the server set up and the calls are functioning but as soon as we add a third person everything freezes? do me need to add this module to increase the participants more than 2?

ALSO whilst we’re going to love poroting that we’ve successfully integrated jitsi, I am curious if the jitsi registration page after call completion can be bypassed? users returned to where they were on our site? Feedback so far is that it’s confusing to the community? they think they need to join another platform to keep going.

Thanks in advance

@cam.cross Hi! That kind of behavior (when in conference with more than 2 participants data does not flow) seems similar to when your jitsi-videobridge can not work properly. When third participant tries to enter the room with two participans already there, what happens?

Hey @Petr_Rybakov thanks for replying… when the 3rd person joins everything freezes for all three people? As far as i’m aware our engineer installed this package … unless that package specifically states that we need to install then I suspect it was not done? Any tips on what we need to do and any other packages that may be needed?

Hi @Neil_Brown thanks for that… though I do not see it mentioning Jitsi VideoBridge? I’m pretty sure we’ve gone through those initial steps unless there’s something i’m missing?

If you are installing via jitsi’s repositories, then installing jitsi-meet should also pull in jitsi-videobridge2.

Do you have it on your server?

If so, have you followed the “Advanced configuration” part of that guidance?

We do have own server. I’ll check with the team to see about your suggestion.

The second request I had was how to bypass the jitsi registration after a call is completed? Is that a setting? if you know.

Thanks heaps

There are two settings in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js:


I think one directs users to static/close2.html and one to static/close3.html (which you can set as you wish, including an http redirect to a site of your choosing), but I have not tried it myself.

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It seems that you may have problem with configuration for servers behind NAT. As it was pointed out above, you can find needed actions in Advanced configuration of quick start guide.

Hi there :slight_smile: Does that apply to and as well?

Good afternoon. These times are the ones for a e-meeting software to be known and grow (happy or unhappily). As far as I understood, Jitsi is now only an app for mobile, and the desktop version (what should be best for more than a dozen people!) is no longer being supported!? (or there is a community version?).
The basic questions to convince people to leave other apps: Does it support meetings longer than 40 minutes (the max free time of the “other” app)?, and for how many people? 75 at most?
Thank you and sorry if I repeat a question already asked. Go JITSI!

There are no time limitations.

Currently, the limit is set to 75 and we are working on extending that.


Keep the good work!!

is this limit just for video streams or does it apply for audio streams as well?


Does this mean, as long as I host my own Server with multiple video bridges, there is no limit on the number of participants ?

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when you are planning to increase the users limit. As you already aware that lock down is going on and most required this tool is in schools and colleges where teaches have huge children and required smooth VC with maximum limit.
Can you do this ASAP or given another suggestions. schools doesn’t want to use live streaming.



You are already able to do 75 participants on

thanks for the response.
We want to implement some features.
how we can make host with extra permissions to handle the Joiners.
mute and unmute by host only - how we can do
how - Host can remove any user from VC
how we can solve - audio-lags-only-while-using-video-accumulates-lag-as-call-goes-on

What of if all the participant turn off their video and Audio on entering the meeting , and you have your own dedicated server, can it support more than 100?

Any update of this ?