Max amount of people in a video confrence?

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to have a meeting with a large number of people in the video conference (About 100) will Jitsi be able to handle this amount of users at once. If not, what is the maximum amount of people the application can support?

The maximum is currently set to 75, we are working on supporting such big conferences and going beyond 100.


Even if I 'm using my own server, is this the limit for video conference? 75 concurrent users?

No we had chosen to add that limit as it can bring down quality and for the others that are on the same bridge. We are still working on bringing octo to a shape where that conference can be spread across several bridges.

Hi @damencho just to clarify, you are saying that on our own Jitsi server there is a limit of 4? Can we increase this? our users are definitely going to need more :slight_smile: … please is there a settings page somewhere?

Hi @damencho so I can’t find anything further about increasing users on a call so its seems a server is limited to 12. Seems like an underutilised server setup… and certainly going to need more than this for our groups. So even though it took the last 2 days to set up an integrate with our site we can’t use the server? So then we look at your hosted version and I spoke with the guys at RocketChat regarding the integration and it looks like on mobile we can’t get the the browser version of your service to open so we are limited to having our users only access the video conferencing service on desktop.

Please I would appreciate your confirmation on the above so I can make some swift decisions. I thought it would be a straight forward situation but it looks like the only viable option is to either not offer video calling or we have a solution that only works on desktop and hosted on your systems. If we do this then I an not sure how we handle group access for our website to a jitsi meeting were user details are synced, and we could access the video recording for other users in a project on our site.

If we do use your hosted service as integrated with our platform are there limits? Costs? we are a social networking site…

Thanks in advance

Why do you say there is a limit of 4?

We support mobile participants to connect through mobile app, there is sdk to integrate that or you can use Jitsi Meet app with your server.

Nope, you can use We advise people to use their platform if possible to offload in the late two weeks, we see a lot of traffic … But there is no cost for you to use it …

Hi @damencho I mentioned 4 because thats what the browser showed me on your message about until just before when I logged in and saw 12. So is 12 the limit for a server? If so we won’t be able to use it. I am genuinely in awe that this service is available and I’m just not sure what the best way to go or even if we can without making the experience aukward for our users.

Regarding SDK for our own mobile app for video, it’s likely to be a strain on users in that they have to download a 3rd app. to use our services i.e. website, our customised rocketchat app, and now a jitsi app. It’s quite a problem building trust when we have to flip a user between so many places :slight_smile:

If we use your (which is awesome) is there a way to open to browser version from Rocketchat?

Any recommendations you can offer to help get us on track would be amazing.


Nope. There is no such limit, it depends on server resources and current number of users, do you have multiple bridges to auto-scale and balance between them. There is no number to give, as it depends on many many factors.


Hmm this is where i got the limits from? and its now saying 15? he he…

SO there are no limits on the server THATS AWESOME. OK then let’s work this out please cause it would be awesome to use the server.

  1. Are we able to limit users and maybe even time limit on server side? if so where?
  2. We are on google cloud, and can increase resources as required. In the next few weeks we are likely going to need to host a max of 5 to 30 calls at the same time with between 10 - 50 attending calls. We do not have “do you have multiple bridges to auto-scale”… Whats your suggestion in this scenario?

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

There is a module for max occupants:

Probably you can write one and for time.

We use AWS auto-scale groups to scale bridges when there is a certain threshold of bandwidth is hit, or load on servers pass another threshold, you can play with that.

SWEET. @damencho … then we are all good. Much appreciated for the product and your quick response. … really this is a gift for our community and in the current pandemic.

Onward… we should be live by tomorrow

@cam.cross the number after the link is the number of people that clicked that link :slight_smile:

ha ha… thanks @Tom_Sc … sometime i get to laugh at myself for spinning off in such a fuss in the background.

Hi @damencho jut to clarify, we have the server set up and the calls are functioning but as soon as we add a third person everything freezes? do me need to add this module to increase the participants more than 2?

ALSO whilst we’re going to love poroting that we’ve successfully integrated jitsi, I am curious if the jitsi registration page after call completion can be bypassed? users returned to where they were on our site? Feedback so far is that it’s confusing to the community? they think they need to join another platform to keep going.

Thanks in advance

@cam.cross Hi! That kind of behavior (when in conference with more than 2 participants data does not flow) seems similar to when your jitsi-videobridge can not work properly. When third participant tries to enter the room with two participans already there, what happens?

Hey @Petr_Rybakov thanks for replying… when the 3rd person joins everything freezes for all three people? As far as i’m aware our engineer installed this package … unless that package specifically states that we need to install then I suspect it was not done? Any tips on what we need to do and any other packages that may be needed?

Hi @Neil_Brown thanks for that… though I do not see it mentioning Jitsi VideoBridge? I’m pretty sure we’ve gone through those initial steps unless there’s something i’m missing?

If you are installing via jitsi’s repositories, then installing jitsi-meet should also pull in jitsi-videobridge2.

Do you have it on your server?

If so, have you followed the “Advanced configuration” part of that guidance?