Matomo not receiving data

I have configured matomo in config.js:

analytics: {
matomoEndpoint: ‘’,
matomoSiteID: ‘REDACTED’,

but Matomo is not receiving any data. The node is configured to allow outbound traffic, I can do a curl to the Endpoint address from the node and get a response.

Anything else that needs to be configured?

Using latest stable release 1.0.4127-1

Thanks in Advance!


Anyone got this working?
Any tips @saghul?

Do you see any errors in the JS console? Any requests going to Matomo? (check the network tab in your browser’s dev tools)

@rickgoud had a smart insight, disableThirdPartyRequests was set to true, effectively blocking any data to be sent to Matomo. Have now set it to false and data is now flowing into Matomo.