Master password issues

Hello. I am using jitsi for google talk messages.
I am trying to set my client on the computer but after putting the password and user it ask me for a master password I do not know.
I tried to uninstall and install jitsi but it does not solve the problem.
What can I do to change or reset the master password? How do I over come this issue?

Thank you.

How can I over come this?

Master passwords is set once so you can get your passwords encrypted in the configuration. If you had forgotten your master password, the best you can do is going in the home folder (check the FAQ on and delete your settings and start over again. Re-installing does not wipe settings.

Are you talking about the configuration file and user profile directory folder?

If not I did not understand what you said.
I will try and check back.

Thank you.

Yes, user profile folder.

I use windows 10 and I was unable to find that folder.
Any idea how I can locate it? Where is it located in windows 10?

Thank you.

Sorry I’m not windows user … but opening Windows explorer and pasting in the address bar: %APPDATA%\Jitsi doesn’t it work that way?