Mask or change callerid of telephone participant


I have a working Jitsi with Jigasi installed and telephone participants can join a video/web conference successfully. We wish to hide the caller id (or change display names) of the telephone participants.

Is this possible using the file? Is there a property for callerid I can play with?


For example is there an obfuscation option that can be enabled to automatically change e.g. +441234567890 to +441234***890, so that people on the call know can tell who it is from the rest of the number but the number as a whole isn’t being fully displayed? If not is this something that could be added? Only this would obviously be a good security and data protection feature that I would have thought would be fairly straightforward to implement?

CID can be manipulated by your IPPBX / provider prior to being passed to Jigasi. If you self-host your IPPBX , you should have complete control of this. Otherwise, your options may be limited.

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