Mapping config.js to lib-jitsi-meet

I’m using lib-jitsi-meet directly to create my own UI.
in that setup, the config.js sample file maps into 3 Apis:

  • JitsiMeetJS.init
  • connection = JitsiMeetJS.JitsiConnection
  • connection.initJitsiConference


  • trying to disable p2p, i’m not sure which Api accepts {p2p: {enabled: false}}
  • trying to enable openSctp, again, i’m not sure which Api accepts {openSctp: true}
  • would be nice to know that there’s some kind of logic behind the mapping, so for future settings…

help will be would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

jitsi-meet passes in the entire global config.js file. I think the idea is for most people they’ll use jitsi-meet wholesale and can tweak what they need using config.js and interfaceConfig.js. config.js is maybe the mapping you’re talking about, although the relationship between features and config.js values may not be clear.

Where initJitsiConference gets called:
Where initJitsiConference gets the entire config:
config.js file:

openSctp is related to config’s openBridgeChannel

doing some debugging, it’s really seems that jitsi-meet project pass the config.js as a complete object to all APIs.
I’ll do the same…

Hey Roey,
You tried building your own UI using lib-jitsi-meet. What platform you were building for (react-native,react, or something else)

Backbone with vanilla js, followed the sample code in the repo.

Basically a web application. I would like to know if you have tried with react-native.?

Nope… :slight_smile: