Manual Installation setup


I have issue to setup jitsi-meet manual installation.
follow link :

I have installed prosody, nginx, and videobridge2, meet.

when 2 people connect with room then everything is working fine. When 3rd person join the meeting video and audio gone.

I have followed the same.

Please assist me, why it’s not working

well, it’s the most asked question on this forum by far and it has nothing to do with manual install. My guess is that you could take advantage of the numerous threads on this kind of problem - hint: videobridge by default is used only with 3 users (not with 2) and it has a timeout of 30 seconds before failing when it can’t connect - usually on port 10000/udp.

Hi @gpatel-fr

I have already reach that threads, but still not able to solve that problem.

Is it videobridge issue?

yes I did say that in my reply.


I have clone the repo :
Checkout the branch : bgrozev-patch-1
run command : mvn compile exec:exec -Dexec.executable=java -Dexec.args="-cp %classpath org.jitsi.videobridge.Main -Djava.library.path=$JVB_HOME/lib/native/linux-64 -Djava.util.logging.config.file=$JVB_HOME/lib/ --apis=rest --host=localhost --secret=abc@123" :


The videobridge uses 443 by default with 4443 as a fallback, but since we’re already

running nginx on 443 in this example doc, we specify 4443 manually to avoid a race condition


Please let me know, if i’m doing anything wrong.

yes you are mixing installation and development. You have to know first how to setup a system before trying to setup a dev environment. So do a standard install with a Debian virtual machine for example, get used to the system first, then when you have worked out a bit how stuff works try to get back to full custom.


I want to customise UI only. So i think for this i need to modify meet code only.
And others component i want to use as it is.

So to achieve this, i installed prosody, nginx, jifoco(git code) and videobridge (git code), and meet code (git code)
followed link :

Would you please provide updated link.

in short, you test against a server named (I think) that is providing all services except javascript. Default config (index.html, css…) is taken from this server. You setup using npm, change javascript files and use make. After this if you want to test you setup a real server in a VM or something and copy the js file to it. All this has been posted a gazillion times already.

I have already tried this method. and it is working fine.

but i want to use component (videobridge, jicofo, prosody) which is installed on my machine.

and i want to achieve multiple videobridge functionality also.
link :

Please guide me.

sorry I am not a coach. Good luck.


i have installed full setup of jitsi-meet , by command :

It is working fine.
I copied all configuration of full install and match the manual setup configuration. both are same.
but manual setup videobridge not working.