Manual install Jitsi

Hello, Thanks for your support. Hope you are doing well. Great open source platform.
I waited today’s meeting but today is not supported. So I decided post my problem. Please guide me kindly.
First of all, I want to integrate jitsi service to my laravel project.
I installed jitsi using quick method, but it seems already built source code. So I tried to install jitsi manually, but have some issues.
I followed this jitsi’s guide.

  1. I cannot find this link.
    so I tried with github link source code. here :
    and tried install two method. first is following github readme, and other one is following public doc tutorial. but crashed java error. I know this bridge build in kotlin or java, but I don’t know well about it. I installed maven and ant and tried all as possible. but cannot figure out the correct method.

  2. For integration between laravel app.

  3. I want to know what db is used for jitsi project. I want to sending data between laravel and jitsi. not only using jitsi api. because a user of my project need to setting date or members of meeting, and that setted data should be sent to jitsi. OR in the other case, A man open a meeting, then that meeting url or link should be sent to laravel app, then I can use iframe or jitsi api.

  4. I want to know backend work flow of jitsi. there are several modules in jitsi. Anyhow, I cannot find solution to solve my problem. I want to hear clear answer from your great support team. Please don’t ignore my post.