Managing 100 video to 10K participants with 600 companies onboard

We have a project at hand using WebRTC. I am planning to use Jitsi for the services. What kind of configuration do we need to deploy supporting concurrent users of 600 companies each with 100 video broadcasted to 10K viewers? Has anyone taken a deployment measure of use with Jitsi at proposed scale?

Thanks for the feedback.
Dr. Moradi

If it helps, the jitsi team says that jitsi has a hard limit of 75 people, and a safe working load of 35 people. You’re a bit above that :slight_smile:

TY. so if we do 75 videos, could push 600 rooms each with 75 video concurrently to 600 corporations?

I don’t know.

I expect that’s a rather non-trivial amount of developer hours to work out all the weird choke points at that scale…

Certainly not an easy task.

I agree. Back in 2010 we used 96 Live feed to Digital Studio in the Netherlands. Game of Fame. But we did it.

Personally, I love hard to do projects. Makes us think outside the box and solve complex problems. TY for the feedback. It is a massive project. That is why we could use all the help we could get. LOL.