Manage users and premissions

hi, we are setting jitsi meet in our company and we would like to know what is the best implementation of managing users permissions in jitsi (is it with the AD or something else).
thanks :slight_smile:

For a large size organization going the LDAP route is probably your best bet.

and how can i use an in-room permissions, because right now there is no manager of the room, and anyone can kick or mute others.

That means you have the โ€œall ownersโ€ mode enabled. If you use authentication you can enable a โ€œguestโ€ domain so authenticated users can be moderators, but not guests.

and where can i find and disable the all owner module?

i check in the prosody config under enabled plugins and the all owners mode isnt there is there anything else i should check?

Please share your prosody configuration.