Manage bandwith

Som of my current users have a (moderate)slow bandwith.
Is there a way to force using a low quality video by default when starting or joinning a webconf ?

Thank you,

You can change resolution constraints in your config.js so lower resolutions are requested from the endpoints. For exampe:

constraints: {
         video: {
             aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
             height: {
                 ideal: 360,
                 max: 360,
                 min: 180

Thank you Freddie,

I know this option but it’ lock the resolution for endpoints isnt’it ?
I’m looking to start conf with minimal quality but keeping the ability to switch it.

Aaah ok, I see what you’re saying. I suspect this would require rewriting the driving logic because the process flow is the other way around - best quality possible, with the ability to lower quality if desired. This is probably way more work than useful, if you ask me. You might instead want to look into using VP9.

oooooK :wink:
in any case thank you.