Making the webpack dev server accessible from within same network


On my Mac I cloned JitsiMeet, installed dependencies, and ran make dev command.
It successfully serves it to localhost:8080 and when I navigate to localhost:8080 from the browser JitsiMeet app opens and I can use it as usual.

However, I want to try it with other devices within my network making my own laptop as the host.
But when I try to access it from other device like ‘myIPv4:8080’, the browser prompts that ‘myIPv4 refused to connect’.

I’m not sure why, but I guess I need to create my own back-end server instead of using

What do I need to do?

@Omer_Toraman1 welcome to the community!

You need to setup your own server using the quick start:

Then update your backend with these commands:

make dev

See for more details.



Is it necessary to have it on Debian/Ubuntu based system, can’t I setup it on macbook?

I have only ever done this on Ubuntu. I am not sure how much work it would be to get it working on macOS. A Linux VM would be my recommendation.

I’m not really comfortable with Linux. But I guess I can also do that with Docker, though Docker setup doesn’t seem easy neither.