Making Jitsi private (secure-domain)

I followed the instructions listed here:

I ran into a few problems. Jitsi does ask for a password on the root domain (jitsi-meet example com), and everything there works perfectly, however, I can’t for the life of me get the guest subdomain working. I’ve made a DNS record for my equivalent of (guest jitsi-meet example com), and it routes to my server, but Nginx isn’t configured to do anything with the domain. Do I have to edit site configuration for nginx?

Since I have a .app domain, it requires a certificate from an authority to function. How can I get SSL working on my guest domain as well?

Guest domain is virtual and internal to the system, you don’t need DNS for it. You just use your domain you used for the deployment.

Did you modify the config file in /etc/jitsi/meet folder to have the anonymousdomain and not just the config.js file in the actual project?

You have to uncomment the line in that file. That solved one of my issues previously.

Awesome, thanks!