Making Jitsi disponible through the (as a Flatpak)

Flatpak in being wildly adopted by the main Linux desktop project (GNOME), KDE, and several distros are enabling it (some depends almost exclusively on it like Silverblue).

The main store of Flatpak is Flathub. Many people search by new software there (directly at the site or via “app store”). So, if someone has his software in Flatpak + Flathub:

  • Easier to new users discover it. (By App Store or Flathub).

  • Easier to install. Just a click in the App Store (like Gnome/Ubuntu Software), in the same way as their other distro packages (rpm, debs, etc.). So, people don’t need to know the site of the developer or the existence of AppImages, etc.

  • Automatically updates.

  • Gnome Software and Flathub have “buttons” to donate to the project.

  • Better integration with Desktop (we can see it in the software center, with version, license, button to remove, etc.)

  • The users don’t need to be at the latest Linux distribution release to have the most updated software version (as is the case of a lot of distros).

And there are other points like sandboxing, etc.

See the issue reports for jitsi-meet-electron (desktop).

For the record, it makes no sense at all to want to package the server as flatpak since flatpak is by design for client applications only (it relies on libraries only found on graphical workstations).

I stand corrected, thanks!