Make tileview size according to aspect ratio

mostly due to bandwidth reasons we limit the aspect ratio to 4/3.
In tileview this leads to unnecessary small video images with black borders:

It seems like the tiles have a fixed aspect ratio of 16/9, would be great if this could be more flexible.

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What you’re asking will require a complete redesign of the UI, if I’m not mistaken. The aspect ratio plays a role in the number and size of tiles fitted on the screen. AFAIK I don’t think any video conferencing solution provider does this; 16:9 aspect ratio has pretty much been standard for a while.

I’m curious though: why did you choose aspect ratio as the index to change to accommodate your bandwidth limitations?

actually we use aspectRatio and a reduced maxwidth and height: 4/3, 880, 660.
16/9 takes into account that most devices today have a widescreen display but imho the pixels on the far left and right side contain no valueable information for videoconferencing. Dispense with these pixels saves significant bandwidth.