Make simple configuration for all-in-one server

Im a student and i have got a computer not cluster of servers.
Make simple installation and configuration for users like me.
It will be very useful to set ONLY:

  1. hostname
  2. crt and key file for TLS
    and have working server with ALL jitsi services (+ recording and streaming).

I dont want to configure 1000000000 files and lines inside.

I know than it will be not fast and scalable solution, but worked.

I havent such problems with Ant Media Server. It was installed and worked friendly.

Then you’re not willing to learn. The Quick Install Guide is pretty close to plug-and-play. If you think that’s “1000000000 files and lines inside”, you’re probably in the wrong place/field.

What about KISS principle?

It’s simple enough - this is a server deployment, not just a desktop application that you double-click and install.

Why Ant Media Server more easy to deploy than Jitsi?

Why they can do it, but jitsi’s developer not?

Look at another software…
PostgreSQL for example. It has got many configuration files, but it installed by default and worked!

Maybe, you are in the wrong way.

Jitsi-meet - ok, Jibri - not.