Make Jitsi server accessible only via our APP

We have setup our own Jitsi infrastructure

How can we close access to our Jitsi server to people not using our app? We are using firebase authentication in our app.

pls help


You can check the HTTP agent on Nginx. Something like that:

set $is_valid_app 0;
if ($http_user_agent ~* (my_desktop_app|my_mobile_app) ) {
    set $is_valid_app 1;

if ($is_valid_app = 0) {
    return 403;

Thank you

let me try this.

@emrah can we do that with web app as well? like if our webapp is at domain , and we want user must come from this domain only to access our infra, what config we need to keep in that case

Kindly help

JWT authentication is more suitable for this

Thank you for the guidance.
We think we will use this for android and iOS app. Can you suggest something to do with our web app? so that web app works? referrer or something?

Check JWT for this.