Make fails at deploy-lib-jitsi-meet

I’m following the steps here:

Everything seems fine until step 5, which fails as follows:
make: *** [Makefile:64: deploy-lib-jitsi-meet] Error 1

I tried the ENOENT suggestion at the end of step 5, to no avail. Then I tried the following suggestion, also to no avail:

Any help would be appreciated.

I got to fix that just a few hours ago.
I copied the lib-jitsi-meet.min.js and / from the lib-jitsi-meet/ directory into jitsi-meet/node_modules/lib-jitsi-meet/dist/umd and after that it worked. For some reason it doesn’t find them so one has to manually copy the files using the cp command.

Are you using master pf jitsi-meet or some modified version?

I think its the master version because I installed it from repository when I first setup jitsi-meet in Ubuntu also from the repository. I have not modified it and the only thing I have changed successfully is what was mentioned in the tutorial. Now I aim to build a custom button for the ui but that would be off topic for this thread I assume.

Thanks for the replies. I too cloned the repo, so using master. I’ll try manually copying and post an update tonight.

Here’s my update. The rule for deploy-lib-jisti-meet is:

cp \
                $(LIBJITSIMEET_DIR)/dist/umd/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js \
                $(LIBJITSIMEET_DIR)/dist/umd/ \
                $(LIBJITSIMEET_DIR)/dist/umd/lib-jitsi-meet.e2ee-worker.js \
                $(LIBJITSIMEET_DIR)/connection_optimization/external_connect.js \
                $(LIBJITSIMEET_DIR)/modules/browser/capabilities.json \

LIBJITSIMEET_DIR is jitsi-meet/node_modules/lib-jitsi-meet.

The first three files are not found because dist/ does not exist in LIBJITSIMEET_DIR. Worse, I ran find -name on jitsi-meet/ and on lib-jitsi-meet/ for each of the missing files, and they don’t exist anywhere in the trees, so I’m not sure where to manually copy them from.

Perhaps it’s relevant to note that a fourth file is missing, jitsi-meet/build/, but the rule passes because of || true.

What is the version of lib-jitsi-meet in your package json?

“version”: “0.0.0”

I cloned it a few hours ago, it’s the same as this:

There are recently some modification on the lib-jitsi-meet build process.

‘npm run postinstall’ is replaced by

‘npm run build’

It is this command that generates the dist folder content.

You can see this change in the lib-jitsi-meet ci.yml file : lib-jitsi-meet/ci.yml at master · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub


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Where was npm run postinstall invoked? Step 5 of the guide instructs:
npm install lib-jitsi-meet --force && make

Is this deprecated?


What I have found is that building lib-jitsi-meet (and building it again after some changes) can be done by running “npm install”. No more, no less. It don’t create a dist subdirectory, but I either use this process to test with make dev or to build Deb packages and said dist subdirectory is not needed in either case. Why do you need it ? what do you want to achieve anyway ?

Nope, I was asking about jitsi-meet, which version do you see in the package.json.
Master jitsi-meet is supposed to download a pre-built lib-jitsi-meet which will already have those files in the archive. You don’t need to checkout lib-jitsi-meet.

"lib-jitsi-meet": "file:../lib-jitsi-meet"

I set this in step 4 of the guide so that I can edit the library.

My goal is to build and deploy local copies of the current code as-is, so that when I change/augment it and things break, I’ll know where to look.

This guide needs an update as things changed last week.
@saghul note for you ^. I can take a look later this week.

Here is a workaround steps you can use:

cd jitsi-meet 
rm -rf node_modules/lib-jitsi-meet
npm install
rm -rf node_modules/lib-jitsi-meet
git clone -b ${LIBJITSI_MEET_BRANCH} --single-branch $LIBJITSI_MEET_REPO node_modules/lib-jitsi-meet
pushd node_modules/lib-jitsi-meet
npm install
npm run build


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The same problem if done according to the instructions: [How to] How to build Jitsi Meet from source: A developer's guide

We need to fix it in accordance with the changes.

I will update the instructions today :+1:

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I have a similar problem. I would be very happy for help with the instructions. Thank you for your efforts. We are looking forward to a new instruction on deploying the code. Thanks Corby :slight_smile: :+1: :top: :fire:

Corby has already updated the instructions here [How to] How to build Jitsi Meet from source: A developer's guide

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