Make everyone in and who will join a current room/meeting in secure domain a moderator?

Do I have to do something with mod_muc_allowners.lua (though no idea how) or something else, or is the only way (other than modifying the code and compiling) to set everyone as a moderator in the meeting menu (though don’t remember if that’s an option) every time you start a meeting?

If the module is configured in Prosody there is nothing for you to do, al participants will automatically be moderators.

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How do you configure it? I don’t see the instructions, but could be blind. All I did so far was put ‘mod_muc_allowners’ along with the other modules listed in the guest domain section in my Prosody config file (haven’t tested if it works yet, but I’m doubtful that that’s what I’m supposed to do).

That should be all!

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Also, can you please check this, if have the time? It’s odd that no one else seems to be having the same issue, but idk what I could be doing wrong.