Make changes to the sentances that Jitsi Meet shows on pop ups

Hi All,
I want to know how to make changes to some sentances that Jitsi Meet on self hosted send when someone is kicked from the meeting. I did make the changes under /usr/share/jitsi-meet/lang/main.json but the changes are not reflecting, If i missed something can anyone help me what can be done next to fix the issue,

That file is embedded in the bundle, you need to recompile and upload the changes.

Thanks @damencho, I saw another post regarding the same thing but when running npm install I get this output. Not sure if fault with Jitsi or npm itself.
I used pastebin service so you can check the logs here :
Thanks for any help you can provide

Make sure you use latest LTS version from

That works!!!
Thanks @damencho :slight_smile: