Make certain users moderator everywhere

I use LDAP authentication. Is it possible to tag users in some way to make them moderator in very meeting they participate? Some thing like a “super moderator” or better administrator.

Not sure about LDAP, but with Secure domain, if a user is provisioned to authenticate, they can authenticate while in any meeting and have moderator privileges.

In the secure domain instance, all the authenticated user is granted with the moderator privilege.
So, you might need to create a custom prosody module to assign affiliation based on your requirement.

Thanks. I found no way to authentikate in a running meeting. Is there a way to do so?

My current workaround is to join a dummy meeting and authenticate. Then join the real meeting with in the same browser session.

Don’t know what you are talking about :slight_smile: Can you please be a bit more verbose?

When in a meeting, go to settings and then click on the profile tab. You’ll see the option to login IF you’ve implemented Secure domain.

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