[Major Bug] Mute not working for some users

Hi @everyone, is there any progress about that issue ?

We have this issue intermittently as well, today it happened again - I joined the conference and confirmed it. Disabling pre-join is not really an option in our setup. Next time it happens I will try to collect some rtcStats and web console logs.

I noticed that the constraints sourceId is sometimes called without any deviceId.
This happens for example for the initial fetch of the devices.
I am wondering if this can lead to the mentioned issue.

@damencho maybe ?

Curious if there has been any progress on this issue? We have been unable to reproduce this consistently, but we have received reports that this issue happens on rare occasions with different users. Haven’t been able to get any console logs as reproducing is nearly impossible.

@damencho A workaround would be to disable prejoin, but I would be curious if there is another option without disabling pre-join.

We have recently refactored some code in that area, not 100% sure if we hit this bug though since it seems to be quite elusive!

@saghul I also recently made a PR which could explain some issues related to the devices initialization. Would be great if you could have a look.

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hi @engesin

do you have a scenario for reproducing the issue?

I opened a different issue because I didn’t find this a few days ago, sorry…

nop :frowning:

Was this issue fixed somehow? Pre-join page is important to us… I would like to keep it there but many users have the mute-button not working issue!
Last time I pulled Jitsi (docker version) was in January

We believe it is fixed. We haven’t seen reports recently

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