[Major Bug] Mute not working for some users

There is a major Bug we are seeing in last few weeks on the latest stable release. For some users when they go on mute, we are still able to hear them. No matter how many times they toggle, we can hear them. Interestingly the UI updates properly on both sides with the icon changing from unmute/mute. But the we are able to hear in both the cases. This is seen once in a while (once every 10 calls) and not regularly seen. It goes away on reloading the page and appears randomly after few calls.

Since this a serious privacy issue, this needs to be fixed asap. Any help ?


Similar issue is reported for Android SDK as well but not sure if its related.

@damencho & @saghul Any help ?

We had seen this with the prejoin screen, where the mic state in presence is not synced with the local tracks, but we still have not found the cause of it to fix it. But we have seen it to happen very rarely. What we have seen is and when you unmute locally you have two local tracks and you can hear the person with the problem twice on the other side.

Do you reproduce this every time on some deployment with stock jitsi-meet there?
Do you see it also with combination of pre-join enabled?

I can confirm that this is happening as we are also experiencing this anomaly from time to time as well. I am using the latest debian package and have prejoin screen enabled.

hi @damencho

we face that problem until stable 4857 version. if we close prejoin screen, we do not reproduce that problem.

now, we are at stable 5076 and problem still exist with prejoin screen…

If you can not mute yourself, and if some other participant mute you, then it works. But you can not mute yourself…

also -> Error when screen sharing "More than 1 video track ! strange things may happen"


With version 4857 it is fine and all others after that you see the issue, is this correct?

No we start to see that problem with version 4857 also but not with 4627.

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Thanks for the input.

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As a temporary fix, if I disable prejoin screen, will it work properly ? Can anyone confirm this ?

We believe the problem is around the prejoin and disabling it will fix it.


Thanks @damencho
will try this and confirm here.

I am also facing this issue with version 4857.
I’ve come up with a workaround.
In this situation, Can we mute all audio tracks that user have , not just a single one with audio mute button ?

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The thing is that there should be only one local audio track for the participant.

But what if we want to use prejoin screen ?
Isn’t it enough to mute more than one local audio track just for now as a workaround.
Since the moderator of the conference can mute you, even if you have this multiple audio track problem.

In config, if we set everyone join muted, will that help ?

only disabling prejoin makes it work correctly…

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The thing is that there should be only one local audio track for the participant.

I see multiple audio tracks enable at the same time. I am not sure how it happened. But when remore user such as moderator can mute the participant having such multiple streams by disabling all active ones.
In that case I wanna ask a question that, what is the difference between local mute and remote mute?

Does remote one disable all active tracks when local one disable only one track?

The problem seems related to the prejoin screen. However, I experienced, not at the beginning, but the problem occurs during the conference later on.

Anyway I found a workaround to overcome the problem: Earphone plug out, plug in. When replace local track runs, the problem goes away.

2020-10-22T11:45:37.915Z [features/base/tracks] Replace audio track - muted

Maybe, it can be useful.