Main Jitsi meet site: Audio lost to one person after stopping screen share, started right before July 10th, 2021

I’ve been using Jitsi for meetings weekly for over a year and always works well using the main side, except recently sometime before July 10th, 2021 something changed such that audio connection to one user becomes a problem after stopping sharing.

Here’s what happens:

Meeting with 3+ people, audio and video all fine.
Alice shares a browser tab including the audio.
Sometimes all but one user, Bob, can’t hear the shared audio. Bob exits meeting and reconnects and can now hear the audio.
Once Alice stops sharing the browser tab (audio/video), now Bob can’t hear Alice anymore.
All the other users can hear fine and can communicate back and forth. Only one user can’t hear Alice.
If either Bob or Alice leaves and comes back to the meeting it resolves the audio connection problem.

This failure after stopping a share is pretty common, seems to affect just one user of the group. The failure to hear the shared audio by one user is not as common but has occurred.

I have witnessed this in several different meetings with different users / machines.

I know in the one group all users were running Google Chrome.

This all just started happening recently, everything had been solid with all these users before July 10th.

The situation can always be resolved by either the Alice or Bob leaving the meeting and reconnecting but obviously this is very frustrating.

Thanks for all the hard work on this great product. I hope this is an easy one to figure out.


did you look at this thread ?

That’s good information in the thread and maybe that is a clue, but is not exactly the issue since the audio stops working for only one participant after stopping screen share. And occasionally audio doesn’t work while screen sharing for one participant while it is for the others.

@jeffbski Hello. We have this issue on our custom instance and have reproduced it on as well.

Is it still occurring during your meetings?

Can someone please provide browser console logs from the user that experiences audio loss? This will help us debug this issue.

@jallamsetty The below screenshot is the console errors the user sharing screen gets. The user that experiences audio loss does not receive any errors.

Hope this is helpful. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide.



Hello @jallamsetty. To add to my previous post, we were able to get logs from a user who experienced the audio loss issue. Please see the attached file and screenshot.

Processing: MBP-Audio-Loss-Logs.txt…

Unfortunately this error seems to be unrelated. The error shown here indicates that the user hit the cancel button when the dialog for selecting the screenshare was presented by the browser - User canceled screen sharing prompt.

@Penny_L90 I am not able to download the log.

MBP-Audio-Loss-Logs.txt (182.0 KB)

Hello @jallamsetty,
It appears that my trust level was not at the point where I could share attachments. It has since been upgraded. You should be able to access the above log file now.