Made a Chrome Extension for Jitsi (and OBS Studio)

Hey all, I just released a Chrome extension to open Jitsi Meet videos in pop-out windows. Useful if you want to arrange your video conference across multiple monitors, or if you want to grab individual streams with e.g. OBS Studio.

Yesterday I played around with the individual video feeds in our Jitsi conference and streamed from OBS for the first time, to put the extension to the test.

I’m already quite happy with the what Jitsi enables us to do :slight_smile: and looking forward to enhancing the extension further. I must admit the approach I’ve taken with the extension feels like it may brake in the future, because I rely primarily on the external API, but also directly call functions from lib-jitsi-meet. So I’d have to keep my extension code in sync with changes made to those APIs, when they’re deployed to

Looking forward to receive some feedback!

Also I have a question. Is it possible, in my scenario, to make the logging of Jitsi Meet (and its dependencies) less verbose, to only log errors? I’ve tried pasting JitsiMeetJS.setLogLevel(JitsiMeetJS.logLevels.ERROR); in the console on It reduces logging but I still see more than just errors. Could logging perhaps be reduced using the external api?

Is there a way to override the default logging config?

// Logging configuration
var loggingConfig = {
    // default log level for the app and lib-jitsi-meet
    defaultLogLevel: 'trace',

    // Option to disable LogCollector (which stores the logs on CallStats)
    // disableLogCollector: true,

    // The following are too verbose in their logging with the
    // {@link #defaultLogLevel}:
    'modules/RTC/TraceablePeerConnection.js': 'info',
    'modules/statistics/CallStats.js': 'info',
    'modules/xmpp/strophe.util.js': 'log'

Hello Jip-Hop,

Unfortunately I can’t help you with this but I wanted to say that this is the most useful tool I’ve ever found in this place!

Thank you very much!

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Great to hear Marco :smiley:
What are you using it for?

If it’s not too much effort perhaps you could give the extension a rating in the Chrome Web Store.
It’s currently kinda buried in the search results :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course I can! I’m usiing it for streaming purposes (this is really helpful also when someone hungs up and then the default tile view changes) and also for presentation (I think that this extension is the first real and simple web-based ip-video switcher, and this is so great!).

“web-based ip-video switcher” sounds like a great description :slight_smile: I was actually inspired by reading an article about the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro livestreaming switcher hardware. So lovely to hear my extension is like a software switcher :smiley:

Wow Jip, dat is really cool. Can I reach you somewhere? I’m at public broadcaster VRT in Belgium and we could use your expertise for an idea we’re working on.

This is a graet piece of cake! I am producing some IP transmition in Argentina, and using skype or zoom to do what you are doing (with some workarounds, but it works), but if is usable with OBS as separate sources, i will miggrate to Jitsi

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