macOS Yosemite (10.10) no longer supported by Jitsi

Jitsi Meet 2.4.2 works.

Jitsi Meet 2.7.0 has a “forbidden” overlay on the icon.

Minimum required version of macOS should be clearly stated. (Maximum Jitsi Meet version supporting previous versions of macOS should be noted as well.)

What I’m looking for right now is a link to the latest Jitsi Meet that will work on my macOS Yosemite (10.10).

Issues about the Jitsi-Meet Electron app should be put here: Issues · jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron · GitHub

The github issues page (where I started) said to come here.

I guess I’ll go back there.

For others who may find this – having downloaded all the .dmg files for each release going back from is the latest that doesn’t have the “forbidden” icon overlay.

while I can’t speak for the Jitsi project, the usual policy about operating systems and more generally environments for all open source projects I know is that once it’s no more supported by the editor you are on your own. If the open source project works with an old unsupported OS, great. If not, though luck. So IMO you should avoid posting bug reports on Github about OS versions that Apple don’t consider worthy of support.

That is an awful lot of “get lost” and it’s neither appreciated nor necessary.

All I’m asking is (1) state that support for an OS version is dropped in app version x and/or (2) state that the last version of app that supported the dropped OS version is y.

This is not rocket surgery.

I’ll paste my reply on the issue here for completeness:

We don’t specify a minimum supported version so it must have been a dependency.

On our mobile apps we have an unwritten rule of supporting the last 3 major releases, so applying that here that would be 10.14 or higher.

If supporting lower versions can be accomplished with low effort sure let’s have it, but it’s not a goal of this project.

A PR restoring support for older versions would be acceptable if it’s not too involved.